"Thanks for the latest updates!  That’s one of the things I love about you guys, you don’t wait around for a “New Release”  if an update needs to be done it gets done!  If I haven’t said it already…. ATS ROCKS!"
DJ Gililland Jr., MSEd., ATC, LAT

"The ATS suite is the the best all encompassing software on the market for any and all athletic training software needs.  I spent a few hours with the software setup and it is everything I hoped and thought. I will continue to work on the setup and let you know if I hit any snags. I cannot wait to unveil this to the whole staff."
John D. Smith MBA, MSEd, ATC LAT, Dir Sports Medicine, Lake Health

"ATS is much more user-friendly than many of the other computer-based injury documentation programs available. It didn't take long for us to take advantage of all of the great features that ATS has to offer, such as SOAP notes, physician referrals, injury rehabs, and supply and inventory tracking. The thing that I like the best about ATS is that it is constantly changing to meet the needs of athletic trainers. The ATS Advisory Council is a group of athletic trainers that provide input on the program so it will always meet the needs of athletic trainers. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Athletic Trainer System for all of your documentation needs!"
Corey Hojnicki, ATC

"Currently at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, we use ATS Software. We found it very easy to use and our students have learned it quickly. Personally, my experience with ATS has been nothing but a success. The staff at Keffer Development has helped us every step of the way. The technical support is really one of the best parts of the system. They are very prompt with dealing with issues and often make the necessary changes right while we are on the phone. This system far surpasses what we have used in the past and the price cannot be beat either. They offer several options for using their system, such as a web portal, downloaded program and a PDA application."
Kim Keeley, MS, ATC, Slippery Rock University

"It's exciting to be working with ATS due to their willingness to work and adapt the program to our needs. WMI Corporation is the largest and most renown Event Medicine and Rescue corporation in the world used by the largest Promoters and Event Producers including Alli Sports, UCI, The IOC, and many more. WMI Corporation's reputation of providing medical service and operations to the Best Athletes on the Planet is unparalleled, most of which is done on the largest Live Television Networks in the World including NBC Sports, MTV, MTV-2, USA Network, Fuel TV, to name a few. WMI Corporation's reputation of being the best in the world requires that it aligns itself with a program like ATS that meets the demands we have of an EMR System needed on demand world wide. The system is user friendly and meets the protection standards that we need in every country around the world. It allows our staff to access critical information during a major trauma during a live show while keeping our records and statistics organized for everyday operations. I appreciate the staff of Keffer Development willingness to work with WMI Corporation and assist us with our needs; its greatly appreciated."
Richard Bahr, President/CEO, Winning Medicine International

"I do have to give you guys huge props. I wish I would have switched over a long time ago. I am only 24 hours into this and this is much better than what I was using. Keep up the good work."
Jeff Hopp, ATC, Marrietta High School

The ATS electronic medical records system is by far the best advancement to US Fencing Sports Medicine! This program is user friendly, provides multiple forms of access, and is the perfect tool for future research opportunities and data collection. During the 2013 Fencing World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, we had multiple medical emergencies and had immediate access to all athlete medical records that enabled our team to provide lifesaving medical information to local medical professionals.
Jeremy Summers, Team Doctor

Absolutely the best software out there for all of your athletic training needs. This software just keeps getting better with the updates that are made available. Well worth the price and I’m very happy that I chose ATS for my athletic training software.
Jeff Schirf, AT, Bridgeton HS

Customer service is outstanding!!
Christine Scuderi, Head AT, SUNY Canton

ATS has helped me to my most successful spring pre-season in 25 years. 400 of 416 athletes paperwork complete on day one!
Mike Horan, ATC, Council Rock School District

ATS has helped us successfully track our referrals into our health system. Doing so has let us “track” our athletes’ history and our contribution to our system’s revenue. That allows us to show our value to the system. As well, the ATS software allows us to accurately maintain records of our athletes’ medical history, injury treatment, reports to our coaches, and records of it all. It keeps us all on the same page. Whether we use desktop, phone, or tablet, we have secure means to keep up with it all.
Tim McLane, Certified Athletic Trainer

This is our first year using ATS and it has improved our program in so many ways. It has increased our accountability and record keeping because it is so easy to use and user friendly. It has improved our professionalism and how we are perceived by our parents, coaches and physicians. I highly recommend the ATS program for any Athletic Trainer in the secondary school setting.
Craig Yingling, Head AT, Delmar SD

As one of the largest school districts in the country, Montgomery County Public Schools (Maryland) has been extremely pleased with the ATS software. The software allows the ATCs at all 25 high schools to monitor and track the injuries and treatments for over 22,000 student-athletes. Systemwide data can also be compiled and analyzed using the report features in ATS. Additionally, the technical support is top-notch as the ATS staff is readily available to offer assistance when needed.
Jeff Sullivan, CMAA Athletics Specialist , Montgomery County Public Schools

If we have a problem that for some reason can not be resolved all we need to do is call. We talk to a person who knows what they are talking about and knows the system forward and back. The problem is usually resolved by the end of the conversation.
Don McPhillips, Head AT, John Carroll University