Datalys & NCAA Information

For over 25 years the NCAA has collected injury surveillance information, resulting in the largest collegiate injury research database in the world.  The Datalys Center, a non-profit organization created by the NCAA, BioCrossroads and the ACSM, assumed operations of the NCAA Injury Surveillance Program in 2009.  The Datalys Center continues to collect injury surveillance data from participating NCAA schools with the continued goal to support the sports injury information needs of organizations and individuals focused on improving the health and safety for students participating in collegiate athletics.   

By partnering with the Datalys Center we feel we are able to help contribute to this research through the combination of the necessary injury surveillance elements within the workflow of athletic trainers.  The ATS program allows an athletic trainer to send the necessary information to the Datalys Center for inclusion in the NCAA Injury Surveillance Program, while continuing to record and monitor the injuries of their student-athletes.

As the number of athletic trainers submitting data increases, the Datalys Center can more easily provide a comprehensive injury picture of NCAA athletics.  The collection of injury surveillance data also assists athletic trainers as this type of information has been used previously in the NATA’s Recommendations and Guidelines for Appropriate Medical Coverage of Intercollegiate Athletics (AMCIA) Document. The AMCIA helps athletic trainers justify and allocate limited resources to the best advantage for their staff and student athletes.  Additionally, injury surveillance data has helped to mitigate injuries and assist in changing rules for NCAA athletics.

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